Saturday, July 18, 2009

Grape Salsa

I love salsa in the summer time. OK, anytime. But GRAPE salsa is a sweet and spicy unexpected delight. And summertime is the best time to try this new and interesting twist on an old standby. So head to your nearest Farmer's Market and grab some red grapes! If you are really ambitious, try frying up your own tortilla chips:
• White corn tortillas, quartered
• Heat oil in pan (grapeseed oil is nice and light for frying, but Canola works fine, too). You know it's hot enough when you stick a toothpick in the oil and it bubbles around the stick.
• They fry up quickly on each side, transfer to a paper-towel lined plate and salt. They have the perfect crispy/chewiness!

Happy Summer!

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