Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Appropriate Asparagus

Happy Spring!

I always say asparagus is the food Mother Nature gave us in spring, to get ready for the swimsuit season in summer.

It has many detoxifying benefits, and works remarkably well for a paring-down food. The great thing about asparagus is also how very satisfying it is. Combined with the right herbs and other ingredients, it is one of the most elegant foods I know. It can be a meal in itself, or lend itself as a compliment to a heartier dish.

Here are three asparagus dishes to cleanse your body, mind, and of course, palate!

1. This one I gleaned from Rachel Ray while studying at the U of A. (While watching the Food Network as a "study buddy".) Thank you Rachel—it is one of my favorite asparagus recipes ever:

2. Basil is said to be an aphrodisiac, and combined with this fresh springtime dish, I'm guessing it lends itself to a romantic evening. From my Body Shop "Body Care" manual:

3. This one is from Bon Appetit, and offers an interesting method of enjoying asparagus:

I hope you will enjoy these recipes as a proper way to celebrate the coming of Springtime. Asparagus has many health-promoting benefits, but pleasure is one of the most important.

A bientot!

"A labyrinth is designed for you to find your way. A maze is designed for you to lose your way." ~Lauren Artress

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