Saturday, October 9, 2010

Healthier Meal Ideas

Lately I've been trying to get more of the foods that "pack a punch" in terms of antioxidants, and "whole foods" with good fats (like avocados). Here are two of my recent meals. Super easy, super yummy, super healthy!

Good Start Oatmeal
1. Start with your bowl of oatmeal prepared to your liking. (I used half a cup of oats, stirred in one cup of water, and microwaved for 2 minutes, stirring after 1 minute. But slow-cooked or steel cut oats would work, too.)

2. Add in any of the following for extra antioxidant benefits (or more, if you have favorites):
• raw almonds
• dried cranberries
• chunks of dark chocolate (80% or more is the best)
• drizzle with agave nectar
3. Enjoy!

Simple Quesadilla Plate (with mango and avocado)
1. Pan grill your quesadilla. I used part-skim mozzarella shredded cheese and corn tortillas. I always make an extra one because my preschooler walks in wanting some.

2. Slice up the avocado, salt and pepper to taste, and drizzle with balsamic vinegar (and/or olive oil, if you prefer)

3. Slice up the mango. Beautiful!

4. Sprinkle everything with red pepper flakes (they go great with mango, surprisingly)

5. Enjoy!

Tip: You could always fill your quesadilla with the avocado and mango. It would be delicious.

Do you have a great, healthy meal? E-mail it to us so we can share!

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