Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rustic Tart with Acorn Squash and Chorizo Sausage

This tart is actually quite simple, requiring few ingredients and enjoying the fall harvest of squash. If you are afraid of peeling an Acorn Squash, don't be; it's so simple. All you need is a good knife, and a sense of adventure!

Acorn Squash and Chorizo Tart

1 sheet Puff Pastry
1 Acorn squash
1/2 lb Chorizo sausage (or mild Italian if you don't like spicy)
1 clove of garlic
1 sweet onion
3 T olive oil
1 C shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1 egg yolk, mixed with 1 T water

Allow pastry to defrost at room temperature for 40 minutes. Roll into a 14" circle, trimming and shaping dough where needed. After dough is in desired shape, return to the refrigerator.

To peel the Acorn squash, start by trimming both ends. Then, sit the squash on one end, and carefully slice the green parts away in a downward motion, until all the green parts are gone. Slice the squash in two, and scoop out the seeds in the middle. Cut the squash into small cubes, place on a roasting pan, and drizzle with olive oil. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Roast squash at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes, until deep orange and tender.

In a large pan, saute onion in olive oil until deep golden brown, about 10 minutes. Add minced garlic, and cook for only a minute. Transfer onion mixture into a dish. In the same pan, saute the sausage for a few minutes, until mostly done.

Bring your pastry out of the fridge. Leaving a 2" border, layer the onions and garlic, roasted Acorn squash, and cooked Chorizo. Top with the shredded Monterey cheese. Fold the pastry border over the filling, and brush with egg yolk mixture. Place on top of parchment paper to save clean up time, and roast in the oven for 30 minutes (still at the same 400 degrees).

Allow to cool 5-10 minutes before serving.

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